Puff Juice - Berry Kush

Berry Kush

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Puff Juice - Mix & Vape Berry Kush - Essence (CBD Free) €13,00
Puff Juice - Mix & Vape Berry Kush CBD 200mg €19,90
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Puff Juice - Berry Kush Mix & Vape

Berry Kush is the perfect blend between cannabis and forest fruit. This aroma is a flavour journey: clouds of fresh berries and tasty buds will surround you.  The Puff Juice aromas are made of propylene glycol, CBD and natural aromas. Puff Juice aromas do not contains any chemical or solvent. The kit includes also a 20 ml glycerol bottle.

Discover our aromas and the Puff Juice Kit 3+1

Ingredients Propylene glycol, Isolate CBD (99%), Terepenes
Format  40 ml 
The Kit includes Aroma 20 ml + Glycerol  20 ml 
Keep away from children, no consumption during pregnancy.